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How to repair Excel workbook

Modified on 01/01/2019

A Microsoft Excel repair tool for corrupted Excel spreadsheets. Program open, read and save data from damaged Excel files.

The repairing of corrupted Microsoft Excel workbook - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download Excel Repair Kit here:
  2. Install Excel Repair Kit
  3. Start Excel Repair Kit
  4. Select the file name of corrupted Excel worksheet
  5. Press Analyze
  6. Confirm the recovery of file by press Yes
  7. Preview recovered sheet(s) from damaged Excel file
  8. Press Start Recovery button

How to repair Excel file corrupted?

Online Excel file repair tool

Excel Repair Kit is the ultimate XLSX file repair and data recovery tool created to help users cope with the consequences of data corruption accidents on their own. The program absorbed the best qualities of competing solutions, yet introduced a number of unique characteristics that make it the leading Microsoft Excel repair tool on the market.

Greatly complicated on the inside and simple on the outside, it is a must-have tool for anyone interested to know how to repair Excel file corrupted data after an unexpected accident. Excel Repair Kit restores a broad range of standard Excel elements, including cell data, functions, links, cell formatting parameters, and much more.

The program stands out from the rest of similar solutions by offering the highest level of process automation combined with an extremely intuitive user interface suitable for novices and professionals alike. Users who failed to find an online Excel file repair tool or are hesitant to outsource the task of recovering their damaged spreadsheets (that may contain strictly confidential information or the financial nature, for instance) can fully benefit from having a compact program on their system for one-time or regular recovery. Users who do not know how to repair Excel files corrupted in accidents of different nature can use the program to save a great deal of time and money, as well as to keep their data in privacy.

Excel Repair Kit is based on a convenient and intuitive wizard-based interface that takes the user through all steps of the recovery process in the course of just a few minutes. This level of automation effectively lowers the probability of a human error and reduces the user's involvement to several confirmation clicks.

How to repair Excel files corrupted?

For additional convenience, users can preview the contents of the files being processed and assess the scope of recoverable data on their own. Thanks to its simplicity and technical complexity at the same time, the program is ideally tailored for the needs of those who don't know how to repair Excel file online.

How to repair Excel file online?

Below is a list of the key program features:

  • Ultra-fast and comprehensive recovery of valuable and meaningful data from damaged XLS/XLSX documents.
  • A simple, lightweight and self-explanatory interface suitable even for those with no experience and no knowledge of how to repair Excel spreadsheet on their own.
  • A powerful proprietary file analysis engine capable of restoring the maximum of data even from the most seriously damaged files of a number of standard Excel formats: *.xls, *,xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx and *.xlam.
  • Recovery of the most valuable elements of XLSX files: cell data, formulas, links, cell formatting, etc.
  • Recovery of data directly to a new Excel file.
  • Support of a wide range of Excel file formats: MS Excel 95, MS Excel 98, MS Excel 2000, MS Excel XP, MS Excel 2003, MS Excel 2007, MS Excel 2010.
  • Support of the most popular versions of the Windows OS: Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10.
How to repair Excel spreadsheed?

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Virak 2021-06-29


9d 2021-06-26


Anaya Costa 2021-04-27

Damn guys, if you could restore the VBA script, then you would have no equal. I have a quarterly report, using macros I could find the data I needed in the cells. Now there is data, but no macros :( file reportfrom_excel2007.xlsx

Simone Snyder 2021-04-05

Please help, the Online Repair service writes that it cannot repair the file. But a week ago I was fixing a few .xlsx files from your service. Look at my file, please "Merch-Labelcom.xlsx"

Mylee Mcintosh 2021-03-16

I was able to restore all the worksheets, but there is a surprise - they are 80% restored.

Quorate 2021-03-02

I must say right away that macros are not restored, as it happened to me. The file broke recently, so we managed to repair all cells from the existing sheets.

Jasmin 2021-02-18


Matthew Perry 2021-02-16

Is there any way to fix xlsm on-line and get xlsm? I received a document with repaired data, but my macros disappeared due to the fact that the document format became .xlsx.

Shennas Ontic Consulting 2021-02-02

An excellent fixer for correcting a file, one might say an indispensable program for accounting

Theo Ahmad 2021-01-20

Today I was able to correct only one unreadable document out of 4 documents. And I paid only for the fixed document, since the contents of the rest did not suit me. I put 5 not because of the quality of the repair, but because of the well-thought-out logic of the site "look first, then pay."

Sariyah Ayden 2020-12-25

I decided to restoring the Excel file to its previous working state, but I got a modified file. Filters and macros flew in the file, the Excel document itself became working.

Lawson Jad 2020-12-11

Even the old office of 2007 did not have to be downloaded, the damaged file was fixed and now it can be easily opened in Excel 2019, all the cells are intact!

Omari Jameson 2020-08-04

I still do not understand what could break the Excel file after "saving as" -> with support for .xlsm macros. Excel file opens but cells are blank. The program does not write what errors it found, only their number, which is shocking. I went online and got the corrected file, but there are no macros and cells with calculations. Now sit and think what you need to do so that the file does not break next time. Recovery satisfactory to a solid 4

Hooplafret 2020-07-21

My Excel files are corrupted due to a virus. Even after removing the virus, the files cannot be opened! Recovery is ambiguous, since at first everything was restoring well, and then after repairing the .XLSM file there is no macro in VBA!

shankar 2020-07-04


Idiomology 2020-06-23

Excel cannot open the .xls file because it shows the error "The file format or extension is not valid". This file is available a couple of hours ago when I made edits to it. After correcting the errors, the tables lost the data in the final cells where the formulas were.

Phoropter 2020-06-09

MS Excel can't open .xls file, appear error message "Excel file is not in recognizable format". After recover this corrupted .xls file, cells with calculations settings and hyperlinks were not recovered.

Dzprokora 2020-03-29

So good thank you

vidhyasagar 2020-02-21

very useful

Araniko 2020-02-16

5 star

kalyan 2020-01-19

ok. It helped to repair cooorpapted 2019 workshhet.

ekkaphol loondaporn 2020-01-14

very very good

LA 2020-01-13


non 2020-01-09

Clau 2020-01-08


Hendri 2020-01-07

GONZALO 2020-01-07

MUKESH 2020-01-07

didi 2020-01-07

Nay Min 2019-12-10

ruslan darmawan 2019-11-29

User 2019-03-04

Thanks To Repaer For Exel

Raj 2019-02-28


steff 2019-01-04

i like it

arnupap 2018-10-24


SASI 2018-09-14


asd 2018-09-06


Fazlullah Moslim 2018-08-28

I uploaded my file and hope I can get the brand new repaired file. I think this online tool can help me. Lets see what happens. Thank you guys for your service.

guiller roldan 2018-08-25


All 2017-01-20

Excellent repair tool. This repair software solved the problem and helped me find back the data.

Bruce 2016-07-21

I unplug my flash drive when editing an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet became corrupted. I tried a lot of online tools but all fails. Only this one recover 3 sheets successfully!

Emma 2015-11-29

My excel workshett got corrupted and I tried this tool, which output a fixed file containing nearly most of the cells I want. Need to improve the GUI

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